My name is Nelu Mbingu and like everybody else, I’m trying to figure out how to live my life. There’s nothing worse that not knowing what to do, what values to base your decisions on, or what to think. Not knowing, for me, is right up there with olives. I don’t like either.


So I always try to learn from my experiences and my interactions with people whatever wisdom will help me later in life. But what good does it do to learn something if you can’t remember it and use it in the future? What good does it do to learn if you can’t share what you learn with others? I can’t trust my brain to remember all the things I learn. So I want to record them somehow. And I don’t want to tell people what I learn if they don’t care to know or to learn with me. I want to share my few words of wisdom only with those who will value them as much as I do


That’s why I’m here. To seek wisdom, record it, and share it with others.


I have no credentials to back what I say. No PhD in psychology or sociology or anything else related to what I say. But just like you, I have a mind that can reflect on experiences, evaluate and come to conclusions. I hope you judge whatever I say in this blog against your own experiences and see if my conclusions are correct. If there’s ever something I’ve failed to consider in coming to my conclusions, help me learn, would you? Show me a different perspective. Tell me what I missed in the comments.


I hope you choose to join me on my endless journey to wisdom. Hit the subscribe button!


Much love!