Be True To Who You Are

Who is the ideal human being? It seems like there is a certain set of people that the world adores. They have certain looks, they speak a certain way, and have a specific set of achievements.

We see how the celebrities look like, their complexions, their clothes, their body sizes. We hear how they speak in interviews, the amount of curse words they use, their adorable accents, their cued laughter. And they do let us in on the perfect beaux and belles they managed to get, the exotic vacation spots they visited, the countless awards they have. The world adores these people. So we find ourselves aspiring to be like them because we want to be adored too.

Self Conscious Girl, Be True to Who You Are


I won’t say that you’ll never succeed if you follow in their footsteps. Sure, if you manage to get Sofia Vergara or Channing Tatum’s body, you may have people fan themselves when you pass by. And if you add Kevin Hart’s sense of humor to that, you might just be able to choose who’s allowed to be your friend or to stand next to you at the end of the aisle. But masks do fall off eventually.

If your spouse marries you for the outgoing, loud, funny, and athletic qualities you copied from someone else, what will happen when he or she realize you’re actually none of these things? That you only put that mask on to appear attractive? And if you do things that against your values just to succeed, how long will it be before you start choking with guilt? How long before you come crushing down the rickety ladder? The success that comes with the masks we choose to put on is usually temporary.

And these masks of perfection often make us feel like liars and cheaters. Nobody wants their behavior or appearance to be out of line with who they are and what they value. But at times, we feel forced by society to wear these masks.

Won’t it be brilliant to have the gumption to deny society what it wants? To be true to who we really are?

When you succeed because of who you are, your success is likely to be more permanent and you will be happier. The people who enter your life will love you for who you are. There won’t be a show of “true colors” in the future where they begin to despise you. You will be able to keep up with the goals you chose to chase in your life, because they will be in line with your values.

How do you know when you’re being true to yourself? When you’re being true to who you are, you will feel at home. And home is the place where you feel comfortable and fearless of people’s judgments. So if you’re comfortable with how you look like and how you speak then you are at home. If it’s not your desire to please others that’s influencing what you do, but your own values and beliefs, then you are at home. If you choose a career not to earn bragging rights, but because you see yourself practicing and loving it for the rest of your life, then you are at home.

Be yourself. Be at home.

And as always, cheers to life!

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