Being Your Own Best Friend

There is nothing more nourishing to the soul than a good friendship. True friends are there for you through the ups and downs of life. They make life all the more beautiful. But many people have holes where friends should be. And even those who do have good friends now may have to part with them in the future.

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But you will always have you. So maybe, despite the lack of people in your social circle, you can enjoy the blessings of friendship. You can learn to be your own best friend.

They say, “To know is to love and to love is to know.” So the first step in learning to love yourself like a best friend is to know yourself. What is it that we want most from friends? Is it not to be understood? Discover what makes you unique. Get to know and understand yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you find beautiful? What do you find less than beautiful? What do you enjoy doing?

And the best way to get to know yourself is to explore. Try to be bold and live a life of adventure. Sign up for different activities and see which ones you enjoy the most. Look at the gamut of style and fashion and find out which clothes look the most beautiful to you. Do the same with music, food, colors, and all things likable in your life. And when you do explore, listen to your heart. If your heart says no to something, respect that. If it says yes to something, smile and be happy that you have yet another source of happiness and you know yourself more

In addition to knowing yourself, you need to act like a best friend whenever life presents you with the opportunity. We appreciate our friends in both good and bad times. When life is going well for us, we want friends to share our experiences with. We want friends to help us capture the memories so that one day in the future, we can say, “Remember the time when…” and flashback with smiles to the good old days. So when you are your own best friend, you need to step up and record your memories on your own. There is no shame in writing down your experiences or creating albums of pictures to capture the memories. Later, when you read back your experiences and look at the pictures you took, they will make you smile. Like a friend would.

And when life is not going well for us, we need friends who at least understand how we feel; those who will tell us it’s okay to feel bad when things go wrong, those who will not criticize our emotions. You need to allow yourself to feel bad sometimes. If you have to cry into your pillow, let it out. Understand yourself and remind yourself that those who want to know laughter, must also know sorrow.

Good friends also cheer us up when things are less than perfect. They help us to keep seeing the light at the end, when we’re in a dark tunnel. They tell us nothing stays the same forever, things will be okay in the future. If you have to write down a list of cheering quotes to read back when life’s being a bully, go ahead and do it. If you know it cheers you up to watch a comedy movie or to go shopping, don’t hesitate to do it when you’re down.

You may just be the greatest gift to yourself.

And as always, cheers to life!

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