Dealing With Loneliness

Loneliness is a feeling common to all people, like pain or hunger. Most of us can admit to having felt lonely at some point in our lives. But why do we feel lonely? And how can we deal with loneliness?


We like to be independent, but we still need other people in our lives.

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It’s not only for our physical survival. We are also looking for an answer to the question, “Why am I here?” The answer to that question is important, because it’s what gives us hope and meaning in life. It helps us to feel secure, to love the life that we have, and to be happy. And most of the time, the people in our lives have the answer to that question. They help us feel that we are a needed part of this world, that we belong to this world, we fit into its complex puzzle. They help us feel that our lives are meaningful.


So when it seems that nobody wants us or nobody is paying attention to us, we feel unwanted, disconnected, meaningless, and therefore lonely.


Maybe there is a way for you to be a meaningful member of society despite the apathy of the people in your life, despite the minimal attention your friends and family members wish to give you. Maybe, there is a way for you to ease your loneliness without having to look for friendships.


Connect to the world around you through creativity. These days, there are plenty of creative pursuits you can follow, and just as plenty ways to share your creations. Photography, painting, make-up art, culinary art, writing, music –these are only drops in the ocean of creativity out there. If you find yourself feeling lonely, why not pick one pursuit, learn its concepts, and start creating. Then, you can share your creations through the internet, through the charities in your neighborhood, or even through an innovative start-up. That way, you will feel connected to the outside world. You will feel that you have something to offer the world and therefore, you will have a sense of meaning.


You may also find that serving others helps you feel more connected. Charities can be a way for you to help those who are in need, in addition to being a channel for your creativity. Hospitals, animal shelters, and old-age homes all welcome volunteers. I’m sure they will appreciate your material help, but what may be truly therapeutic for your heart is to offer your time, perhaps helping the children at orphanages with homework, spending time with the elderly or offering to walk the pets at the shelters. That may just help you become a meaningful member of your world and it may melt the loneliness away.


And as always, cheers to life!

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