Do It Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

Do It Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

I was reading a question on Quora not too long ago where someone asked, “If women shame men for being short, why shouldn’t men be allowed to shame women for being fat?” I’m sure many of you can immediately spot the absurdity of this question. This is general knowledge. Something that should be common sense: Just because person X did something, that doesn’t mean it’s right. But apparently, common sense isn’t so common.


Wendy Williams insults celebrities all the time. Why can’t I call Amber Rose a good for nothing slut too?

Kim Kardashian cheated her way to success, so why can’t I show some cleavage to make it too?

Some black people are racist towards white people, so why can’t I be racist to them too? Some white people are racist towards black people, so why can’t I be racist to them too?

The Arabic countries aren’t accepting any Syrian refugees. Why shouldn’t we ban them too?

Obama made this and that law, why should the next president do it too?


Umh… maybe because it’s not right??


You do realize that all those people you are using to excuse your own actions are human too, right? You do realize that they can still make mistakes?


That not everything they do is right? No matter how esteemed or respected someone is, they will still not be saints. They will still be humans, capable of making mistakes and being wrong. Just because His Holiness, the Pope did something, doesn’t mean what he did is automatically right. Just because Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King did something, that doesn’t automatically make it right.


How about focusing on the actions themselves instead of who did or did not do them? Instead of saying I’m going to do X because that’s what so and so did, how about thinking about the rightness or wrongness of something, and then deciding on whether or not you’re going to do it? How about we focus on the goodness of actions, instead of the goodness of the people who perform these actions.


I don’t know, that’s just my two cents.


As always,


Cheers to life!


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13 thoughts on “Do It Because It’s The Right Thing To Do”

  • Nelu, this is such a timely post. There are days when I think we have lost the ability to be introspective, and it gets me down. But then I witness a random act of kindness, or I receive a sweet note from my husband, or I read a thoughtful post, and it helps lift my spirits. Thanks.

  • I agree with you.. i guess it’s because we are all affected on how most people perceive things… if the general people see things this way.. everyone will see things the same way… so if the majority of the people think that this personality did the right thing, the general public will think that it is indeed the right thing to do and to follow but like you said, just because a person did something good that doesn’t it’s always right!

    • Yeah, it’s the herd mentality that we all have. It will be better if we all break free from it though. Just because the rest of humanity is doing something, doesn’t make it right.

  • The absurdity of some of these people never fail to make me chuckle. I agree that just because someone has made a statement about you does not mean you should insult them in return. Be the bigger person x

    • Right?! I mean, you can’t keep blaming others for your actions. It’s about what’s right and what’s wrong. Not what so-and-so did

  • I used to care about what other people say about me or my body… it made me feel bad, and I was like “why? “… well the reason is their self-esteem is so low, that they do that to feel better. So what do you do? You close your ears, and don’t care about what they say cause you’re gorgeous anyway! Believe in yourself and love yourself!

    • True!! That’s the way to go. We shouldn’t be too hung up about what other people say about us. We decide who we are

  • This is so true, just because one person does something doesn’t mean it’s ok for someone else to do the same. I do feel a lot of people use it as an excuse to explain their bad behaviour.

  • That is a good question – should we just accept something because it’s considered as a right thing to do! Your example are great and eyes openin. We need to believe more in our own feelings and instincs.

  • You are quite right to question this! But as you say, it is common sense, just because A does something, it is far from right to b to do it! It can be a horrible cycle, but we should all be grown enough to know right, from wrong!

    • Right! You would think this is just common knowledge, but people still don’t know. I’m glad we agree. Thanks for stopping by!

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