Do Your Best With What You Have

We often forget that life is never perfect. We often find ourselves waiting for the perfect time and the perfect circumstances to start chasing our dreams and to improve our lives. But that perfect time we’re waiting for may just be a mirage that keeps getting further and further away as we move towards it.Man staring out a window, waiting

You may never get everything that you think will empower you to live a happy and fulfilling life. You may never get the perfect set of tools that will help you chase your dreams. But you don’t have to waste your life in waiting. You don’t ever want to come to a point where you look back at your life and see only a dark void of waiting.

How about working with what you have? Start doing your best with the resources you already have.

Is there something in your life that you think you need to improve? Your education? Your health? Or maybe your relationships? You may never have enough money to afford a college degree. But maybe you can afford online education. Maybe you can afford some short courses like programming, make-up or marketing that can improve your resumé. Maybe you can even afford just a couple of secondhand books to read in your free time. And so what if a gym subscription doesn’t fit your budget? You can always do some calisthenics from home to improve your health. Or you may even just put on some comfortable shoes and take a walk around the block. And you may never get your friends or your spouse to treat you like royalty. But maybe you can start showing them how much you appreciate and value them so your relationships improve.

Once you give up your ideas about the perfect circumstances, you will be able to see the opportunities around you that could help you chase your dreams and improve your life.

Remember that excellence means doing your best all the time. Whether it’s in school, at work or at home, you need to get into the habit of performing to the best of your abilities everytime. That way, you will get the most results from the little that you have to work with. Actually, the people who practice excellence, those who always put their best selves out there, get more opportunities coming their way.

Work with what you have and work excellently.

And as always, cheers to life!

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