Don’t Be Too Eager To Hate

It’s too easy to judge sometimes. It’s too easy to label someone a sinner, a terrible human being, an outcast. There are even entire groups of people who have to carry the hatred of the world on their shoulders. The Muslims, LGBT community, the ex-convicts are a few examples. Why is it so easy for us to hate each other?


I think part of the problem is that we put too thick a wall of difference between ourselves and other people. We magnify how different we think we are to other people. We seem to believe we have no similarities with people of different cultures, religions, or demographics, so we stigmatize and build walls between each other.


In reality, you will always find similarities between you and a person belonging to another group, no matter how different you think you are. Humans are not all that different. We are all on the same search for happiness and meaning, we all want to belong and to be accepted, we all feel the same kind of pain when we lose a loved one. We all want to be good and honorable human beings. Just because someone wears a hijab, doesn’t mean they are always thinking of ways to cause tragedies. And just because someone does not express their love in a traditional way, does not make their love any less beautiful.

Don't be too eager to hate, people in a heart

We react in similar ways to our surroundings and our situations. If your upbringing had been different, and if your living situation had been different, there is no telling whether or not you would have showed the same behavior that you think justifies your hatred for someone else. You could be the one hated.


People always have a reason for doing what they do, even if their actions are wrong. Very few people will cause tragedies just for the sole pursose of becoming hatable or seeing other people suffer. Since we all have the desire to be good human beings, you will find that everyone justifies their actions, good or bad, against some moral law or some standard. If you were to find out how someone was thinking when they did what you think is despicable, you will often realize that they thought their actions were good. And what’s even more abasing is that you may realize that you could have been thinking the same way.


Keep in mind that everybody wants to be loved and accepted. That person whom you think deserves to be hated, also desires the same love and belonging that you want. Don’t be too eager to hate.


And as always, cheers to life!

Don't be too eager to hate, quote on similarities between people, loving others

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