Future Pain

Most people are positive. We all have a tendency to believe that no problems will come our way. Nonetheless, there are some of us who are forced to look at life more realistically. We are forced to realize that there will be future pain.

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And with this mindset, this expectation of future pain, it sometimes becomes very difficult to enjoy your current happy times. The tragic future may keep reaching back and destroying your present happiness. If you keep only thinking of how you may become ill, how you may lose your loved ones, how you may have to endure financial struggles, you may find yourself feeling anxious and worried, even though you have reasons to be happy and at peace.

We should all know that problems can come knocking at our doors at any time. But, it’s painful to think of life this way. So is there a way to make it less painful? Is there a way to prevent the expectation of future pain from stealing our happiness today?

Just remember that if you constantly think of how absolutely terrible you future problems will be and how they will overwhelm you, you will be magnifying them. And even worse, you will be rendering yourself incapable of fighting them. If for example you keep thinking of how you may become very ill in the future and how that sickness will completely crush you, then it will happen that if the sickness does come, you will let it defeat you. You will have taught your mind to believe that you are completely powerless against the illness, that your life is practically over. And with that belief, you will not be able to put up a good fight.

You have got to weaken the problems.  Know that whatever problem you will have, there will probably be somebody in who went through the same problem in the past and came out a winner. And that right there will be testimony that your problems are not as grand as your mind wants you to believe. They are conquerable. You can put up a good fight and conquer them.

Teach yourself to see both your current and future problems as the toothless cats that they really are and not the lions they claim to be. Look at them as they anthills they are and not the mountains they claim to be.

Approach your future with the mindset of a winner. Know that whatever comes your way, you can put up a good fight and win. And if you keep seeing yourself as more powerful than your problems, you will conquer them. And that should wash away the worry and anxiety that you may have for your future and you should be able to enjoy your happiness today.

And as always, cheers to life!

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