Hard Work Leads To Failure

Hard Work Leads To Failure

So you’ve sacrificed many sleepless nights for your dream? You’ve sacrificed your relationships, your health, and your comfort? You put everything on the line for this one goal that means the world to you? I’ve got something to tell you: you will fail.




I know they all tell you, that if you want to make it in life, all you’ve got to do is work hard, put in the hours, make the sacrifices. But the reality of life is that sometimes, even when you work hard for something, you can still fail. You can still lose it all in the blink of an eye. Hard work does not always lead to success.


It would be nice to think that the world was fair, that is was as simple as “if you give, you will receive back.” But many of us have had times when we gave it all only to lose some more.


Sometimes it’s simple things. Maybe you spent hours on an assignment, only to get a mediocre C- in the end. Maybe you spent hours in the gym for months, only to realize that you’ve not been losing the weight you wanted to lose this whole time.


Sometimes it’s a little bit more serious. Maybe you spent years working overtime at the office, doing your best on every single project, and instead of being promoted, you get laid off. Maybe you’re a world class athlete, and you spent years training to get into the Olympics, but just before the games begin, you get seriously injured and you can’t even practice your sport anymore.


Things like these suck. They will crush you. They will make you feel like giving up on it all and just bumming your way through life.


It takes a special kind of mental strength to be able to work hard for something, fail, but still move on with the same amount of vigor and motivation. That’s the kind of mental strength we should all aspire to have. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all just learn, let go, and move on when things don’t work out? It might help to know that even if your hard work does not lead to success, you will have gained experience through it all. And sometimes experience has to be enough.


As always,


Cheers to life!


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23 thoughts on “Hard Work Leads To Failure”

  • I agree that there are obstacles on one’s path to success and that it can seem as if you fail at times but I do believe that in the big picture you will be successful. You may have to take a different path than you had originally planned out but I believe that with hard work, passion and perseverance you will be able to accomplish your goals.

  • Great perspective, we sometimes get so wrapped up in making everything perfect that we neglect all of the other projects that need to be worked on. Thanks for sharing

  • Definitely true!! Sometimes the little are more serious!! don’t sacrifice your life, health, relationship for success!! it will just let you feel exhausted and bored and will lead to giving up!! Thanks for sharing !!

    • You should definitely weigh the pros and cons when making any decision. Sometimes hard work pays off, but we should remember that sometimes it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t, it might not always be a complete loss. Thanks for reading, Kumin!

  • Haha, great title, first saw it and was like “…waht?” I totally agree, I’ve always thought that the people most ok with failing and trying again are the most successful.

    • Yes, the title was a little bit of a clickbait. But my point was failure shouldn’t come as a surprise. We have to learn to accept failure — even as the result of hard work — as one of the ingredients of success. Thanks for stopping by, Jen!

  • I totally agree, just because we don’t success doesn’t mean it was a waste of time trying. We’ve gained skills, knowledge and experience along the way and know exactly what to do next time

    • Yeah, it’s all about the lessons you learn and the experiences you have in the journey. I’m glad you agree, Laura!

  • I used to think if I didn’t get where I wanted to go, I (or the situation) was a failure. I’ve since started to think of it differently. Maybe I ended up in a different place, but that’s not necessarily bad. Maybe the project I was working on failed, but I learned a lot in the mean time. There’s lots of different ways to define success .. food for thought! x

  • When I first read the title, I was like “Whaaaa?” but I’m glad I kept reading. Awesome message. Really relates to my journey as I work on my memoir. I have my ups and downs and feel like giving up sometimes, but I learn from the mistakes I make, and in the end, I know it will be worth it.

  • Well if hard work is not gonna get you success, imagine what laziness can do! Of course, as every aspect of life, luck plays a big role. But in my experience I can tell you that hard workers create their own luck 🙂

    • On guy said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Hard work will make success more probable. Thanks for reading Jack!

  • I believe that when you fail there is also an opportunity to succeed in that moment and that is determined how you bounce back from failure and what you’ve learnt from it! A very thought provoking blog post! Thanks for sharing!

  • Life is truly about mastering our successes and failures. We all fail at something and the difference between those who move forward and those who don’t is getting back up. Yeah, sometimes hard work is over rated…. more on that later.

    • Maybe it’s more about working smart than hard. But you’re right, persistence really segregates the successful from the unsuccessful.

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