It’s Important To You Not Them

It’s Important To You Not Them

What would you do if someone told you they reached the highest level in Mario Kart?


If you’re a gamer, you might be impressed, but if you’re not you’ll be like, “Umh.. okay. Who cares, again?”


Has it ever occurred to you that other people might also not care when you brag about your “impressive” achievements?


So maybe your cookies bring all the boys to the yard. Maybe you scored five goals in your last soccer match. Maybe you even got promoted to executive director at your job. Chances are, not everybody will be impressed when you tell them these things. They might just not care. To them, these might not be important achievements.


I’ve heard stories of millionaires complaining that their parents are still not proud of them because they’re not married or they don’t have kids yet. ¬†Does it mean that such parents are wrong to think that a good social life is the epitome of achievement? Owning a Ferrari might seem like a great achievement to you, but don’t expect it to be an important achievement to others.


On the other hand, you have women who manage to raise decent adults, send them to school, and get them to become successful CEOs. Still, there are people who don’t consider them successful because they’re housewives.


We often forget that just because someone thinks differently, or values something different from what we consider important, doesn’t mean they’re wrong. They’re just different. That’s it.


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A lot of disagreements happen simply because we don’t realize we have different priorities. Do you remember how upset you were when your mom said you couldn’t go to that party even though it meant the world to you? To her, your safety was more important that your social life. But to you, she was just the devil that ruined all your chances of ever ascending that high school social ladder.


If she had understood your priorities and you had taken the time to understand hers, it might have been a more amicable disagreement.


Do you want happiness in your social life? Then you might want to understand other people’s priorities instead of just assuming that your values are the same as theirs. Find out what your colleagues, friends and family members consider important and keep that in mind when you interact with them.


Don’t be surprised if they don’t respond with much enthusiasm to your achievements or if they don’t realize how important it is to you that everybody takes their shoes off before entering your house. And when they speak with enthusiasm about what you might not consider important, understand that these things are important to them and make an effort to respect that.


Better yet, understand your own priorities and hang out with people who have value what you value.


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Cheers to life!

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