Just Take The Parachute!

Just Take The Parachute!

So you’re on a plane, 10 000 meters up in the air, playing candy crush on your phone. You suddenly hear the pilot’s voice screeching through your headphones. He announces that the plane is crashing and there’s absolutely nothing he or any of the crew members can do about it.


You panic along with everybody for a few minutes. You shout, you scream, you cry, you throw a fit, maybe you even take out your rosary beads and pray for a while. And eventually, you sit down and accept your fate: You’re going to die on that plane. This is your last day. It’s all over. You might as well extend your arm to shake hands with death.


on a plane, just take the parachute


But three minutes before the plane crashes, things take a turn. An air hostess comes rushing through and announces that she’s found a stack of parachutes in one of the overhead compartments! They might even be enough for everybody.


Now here’s my question: when she hands you your parachute so you can land safely on the ground, will you reject it because you’ve already accepted that you’re going to die today? Will you give up the opportunity to save your own life because you’ve already, “made peace” with the end?


If you’re like most people, you’re thinking, “Are you insane? Of course I’ll take the parachute! In fact I’ll run to grab the parachute long before she has a chance to hand it to me!” It’s ridiculous to even think of rejecting the parachute in this situation. So why do we reject the parachutes in other areas of our lives?


So maybe at the beginning of the year, your resolution was to exercise more and eat healthier. You’ve been doing well for a couple of weeks, but one weekend, your friends invite you for a picnic. And of course, there will be all kinds of cheat foods there. You join your friends and end up derailing completely off your diet. You eat a couple of thousand calories more than your MyFitnessPal allows, and you know there’s no way you can add enough hours of running into your schedule to make up for all that.


Oops! That inner pilot in your head announces that your new years’ resolution is crashing.


But the next day, when you’re back home, you realize that you have a 2-hour gap in your schedule where you could do whatever you want, work out perhaps. And you know you still have all the kale and quinoa that you bought last week.


Now tell me, why would you choose to spend those two hours watching Netflix and eating the whole mega pack of Doritos chips instead of getting on that treadmill and pulling out Jillian Michaels’ healthy recipes book one more time? Why wouldn’t you take the parachute and save your health and fitness goals?


man working out, just take a parachute


The same goes for when you’re having a generally frustrating day. You might have woken up with a headache. Maybe you went to work and your boss shouted at you in front of all your co-workers for something you didn’t even do. Maybe your computer was 10 times slower today and the printer just would not co-operate. Maybe during lunch time, you had an argument with your significant other and he or she said some pretty hurtful things. Maybe you’re having a day that can only be described as the devil’s creation.


But when your co-workers invite you to go to the bar with them later on, where you could have fun and laughter and change your day around completely, why would you choose to give up on your day instead? “No, I’m just not up for it. I’ve had a pretty long day.” Why would you throw in the towel so easily like that? Sure it’s been crashing for some seven hours, but if you have the chance to take the parachute in that one last hour, why not take it?


I encourage you to practice some mental Cirque du Soleil. Be mentally flexible. Don’t be fooled into thinking there’s something wrong with changing your mind, even if you’re changing from “this is a horrible day” to “this is the happiest day of my life.” You’re allowed to be a living and changing work-in-progress.


If you’ve decided based on a few events that your day, week, month, year, or even life is going to be horrible, you don’t have to stick to that decision. If the opportunity presents itself, if you find a way to change things even after all hope seems to be gone, if you find a parachute that can help you turn things around, take it!


And as always, cheers to life!

quote on having the opportunity to make things better, taking the parachute





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47 thoughts on “Just Take The Parachute!”

  • You make a lot of great points in this post. I totally understand what you are saying about how a few bad things can happen but it shouldn’t ruin your day or night. Live in the moment and not the future I always say. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Nelu,

    I must say that we should not quite too early. There is always a door which is waiting to open for us. Why don`t I accept the parachute when I need it so badly.

    I see in blogging people quit too easily just because they think on the basis of what others are thinking. I never did the same. I always believe in analyzing and choosing what is makes me happy.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, and if you have the opportunity to make your situation better, why wouldn’t you go for it. Thank you for reading, Gaurav!

  • oh wow you had me on your plane situation! I was like what omg omg will I take the parachute? Do I know how to use it? And the the parallel
    you made with Netflix and Dorritos haha well done I took the parachute 😉

  • What a great article . I like to read all the words . I have to know more about Cirque du soleil . Be flexible mentality to learn changing my mind . How to feel this day is the luckiest day even we had such a bad experience .

  • This was a great post. I loved the way you brought attention to how we can neglect ourselves (in some form or fashion) and opt to not make positive change when it stands right before us.

  • Such great food for thought! You’re so right, in every moment we have the ability to choose. We can either choose something that will move us closer to our health and fitness goals, or something that won’t. Such a great reminder that it’s the smallest decisions we make that will add up over time.

    • Yes, exactly. You don’t always have to give up if one tiny thing doesn’t go perfectly, you can still save the day. Thanks for reading, Ali!

  • This is definitely something to think about , I think we just keep the behavior of procrastination because we know there is always tomorrow. But we should be doing better .

  • I really liked this post. I pinned it to my board “food for thought” because it really made me think and reflect in my own life. After the first paragraph or so I was confused as to where you were going to go with the post but I definitely like the analogy.

    • Oh my I hope it wasn’t too confusing! Lol I get too much into my own head sometimes. I’m glad you could get something from it though…

  • This is so true, and I’d not thought of it like this before! I’m definitely guilty of not grabbing the parachute enough, I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m faced with the choice!

  • i totally agree…u just have to grab at the gifts we have now and you make it very clear in this post
    i appreciate it the positivity

  • Very nice post on how to enjoy life and take it positively though some bad things are happening. Nice tips about how to be happy by doing small small activites in daily life. Life is meant to be happy not be only becoming successful.

  • Thank you for sharing your two cents here with us. The example of parachute was so apt, loved reading through the post, learnt so much! Not giving up 🙂

  • Being flexible and being prepared is so vitally important to things. You definitely need to think of the things you have goals for and do what you need to do to accomplish those goals.

  • This is a really interesting article, which raises some good points. I was intrigued where you were going with the whole parachute thing, but then you flipped it around lol. I definitely agree it’s good to be flexible with your decisions, Mental Cirque du Soleil, I like that x

  • I so enjoyed reading this, you make some good points and I love the parachute analogy ! It is hard sometimes to keep things going once you lose momentum, but this was a good reminder that even if you fall you have to get back up at some point. thanks for this post, was a good read 🙂

  • Some awesome awesome point here. I usually push myself to do crazy things that people always ask me “are you crazy”lol but hey if the opportunity arises, I’m taking it!

  • I absolutely agree. Life gives you many reasons to give up but also gives many reasons to get back. I am a highly determined and stubborn person. It’s the most annoying and good thing about me. love the pilot story you explained. Awesome points quoted

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