Let Your Pain Make You Better

“For pleasure or for pain;
Till death do us part.”

These seem to be the vows we make when we unwillingly marry life. With a real spouse, you might not actually have to endure the pain. Not with life. Life is guaranteed to be a less than perfect spouse. You will go through the pain.

Depressed Man Cartoon, Your Pain

But many times, when we find ourselves facing a problem, we seem surprised and unprepared, asking ourselves, “How could this happen to me?” What does it help to act surprised at problems? That will just be a way to let the problems crush you. Problems can steal things like hope and trust from you, if you keep acting surprised. They can leave you better or worse than you were before you had them. And you have to choose one of the two.

Maybe you’re one that wants your problems to empower you. Maybe you want your pain to make you better.

Then, expect to have problems in your life, but never let that expectation turn into fear. Most of the time, problems look like mighty lions. But in reality, they are just toothless cats not to be feared. Know that whatever comes your way, you can choose to put up a good fight and you can win. Know that you are strong enough to emerge as the conqueror.

As you fight your problem, most of the battle will happen in your mind. You will need to keep your mind positively active. That means that you don’t want to just be thinking about how terrible your life is and how so unfair it is for you to be where you are, because that will just be a waste of your mental energy. You don’t want to be thinking of how you can brag about your problem to others. That way, you will only be magnifying your problem.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to be guilting yourself for even considering what you have a problem. You don’t want to compare yourself to others and conclude that others ultimately have lives much worse than yours. That won’t help you learn from your problems either. You don’t have other people’s problems. You have your problems and you need to be faithful with them.

Instead, get creative as you fight your problem. Keep thinking of ways to improve your situation. Find ways to keep enjoying your life despite what you’re facing. Look out for the lessons to be learned. See how you can take advantage of the opportunities the problem is presenting to make your life better. Keep thinking and looking for solutions.

Being faithful with your problem, means putting up a good fight. And putting up a good fight means letting your problem make you better.

And as always, cheers to life!

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