Love Yourself

Friends, family members, and spouses all come and go. But you will always have you. Till the day you die, you won’t ever escape from yourself. You are the only one that can truly be a “best friend forever” to yourself. You wouldn’t want to spend your entire life with someone that you hate.

So it’s important that you learn to love yourself.

Self Love
We all love ourselves to a certain extent. The only problem comes with the way we justify our self-love, the reasons that we use to prop up our self-esteems. “I am good-looking, I am smart. I have friends and family to count on. I have the job of my dreams.” Do you see anything similar with these reasons? They are all based on the status of some external factor, things that can and do change. Our looks change as we age, friends and family members move out of our lives, we lose our jobs. And sometimes even our intelligence can become compromised. And when these changes come like storms to shake our world, we can find ourselves asking, “Who am I? Am I worth loving?”

But when you were born, you already had the inner qualities that make you unique. Whether you discover them or not, whether you choose to celebrate them or to smother them at the back of you mind, you will always have them, even if your mental or physical state changes. Maybe you were born with the spirit of a hard worker. You enjoy pushing yourself to the limits. Maybe you are the happy soul and you love to play and find the humor in your life. Maybe you love to help people. We all have these eternal inner qualities that aren’t affected by our level of education, our looks or our social circles.


These should be the foundation of our self-love and our self-esteem, these unchanging parts of us. These will remain unshaken as we go through the storms of life. We should all aim to discover the qualities that make us unique and to be true to them. We should discover and celebrate who we are. We should love ourselves because of our uniqueness.


And as always, cheers to life!

Quote on Uniqueness

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  • Beautiful. And I agree… your cannot love others till you love yourself. We are all really alone, so you better love your own company. I do!

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