Make The Stairs To Success

Make The Stairs To Success

A few days ago, I found myself pacing up and down in my room, ready to break a thing or two in frustration. I had been listening to Lilly Singh’s audiobook, How To Be A Bawse, and she said the trigger words that every self-help guru and their mama always says: “You have to take the stairs to success. There are no escalators.”


You know how many times I’ve heard that? As many times as times as I’ve found myself lying on the floor, completely defeated, after trying almost everything to succeed, and failing. In other words, way too many times!


Here is my thing, I am more than willing to climb the stairs to success, okay. I even bought new Nike sneakers just for the occasion. I have my workout playlist ready on Google Music, I’ve even got the special edition Beats Bluetooth headphones ready to be blasted. I’m ready to go beast mode on these stairs. And you best believe, I’m going to make it to the top. Only one problem though: where is the staircase again?


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You see, that’s my problem right there. A lot of times, I am more than ready to do the hard work to get to my success, but I just don’t know exactly what that “hard work” should be.


The other day, all I wanted was a very simple answer: how do I grow my YouTube audience. And you know what everyone kept telling me? Just “work hard” and “produce good videos”. Well, you know how many people out there are “producing good videos”? I’m pretty sure there are at least a hundred fantastic videos out there that never get views for every single video that goes viral.


All I wanted to know was, what exactly should I be doing every single day to get more subscribers? I’ve been producing good videos already! I’ve been working hard! Which steps on which staircase should I be taking every day to make it on YouTube? And if one more person tells me, I should just “create good content” I swear I’m going to cut a throat.


Yes, I’m willing to work hard to achieve whatever success I want, but my question is, what exactly is it that I should be doing? What steps should I be taking? Where is that staircase you speak of?


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Why is it that people always give such vague advice when you ask about how to achieve success with something? Why won’t anybody give you clear and specific directions on how to make it to the top? You ask, “How can I lose ten pounds?” and they just tell you, “Work out and eat healthy.” Which workouts should I do? How long should I workout? How many days a week? And what in heaven’s name does “eat healthy” even mean? No carbs? No fats? Gluten-free? Ice cubes only? What does it mean?


Could it be… that people just don’t know how to achieve success and that’s why they beat around the bush when you ask them? Could it be that everyone is just bluffing and nobody knows where the staircase to success really is? Could it be that nobody has the answer?


Maybe those who succeeded just tried a couple of things and were lucky enough to succeed. But they don’t really know exactly what ingredient was key to their success. And maybe even if they show you what stairs they took to succeed, that same staircase won’t lead you to your success.


Maybe the fact is that you should not only take the stairs to success, but you should also figure out for yourself where these stairs are. Maybe at times, there are no stairs in sight and you literally have to build the whole staircase yourself, and then climb it. *mindblown*


You have to figure out what steps will lead you to your success, and work hard to take those steps every single day. Actually, if you think about it, it’s lazy to think that the map to success will just be handed to you, without you having to work for it.


Things are not always as simple as we want them to be.


And as always,


Cheers to life!

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38 thoughts on “Make The Stairs To Success”

  • Such good advice! As a up-and-coming fiction writer, I hear similar things, too. “Just write the best book you can and that will make people buy it.” But not if they don’t know it exists! Going to focus on building my staircase. Cheers!

    • Glad you feel my frustration! The BS advice out there really gets on my nerves.

      Good luck with your writing career. It’s going to be a long and tough journey upwards, but I believe you can make it. All the best! 🙂

    • Thanks for the tips! I kind of gave up on YouTube for now, but I’m thinking of picking it up again later. Tips will help.

  • I think you may be right. It’s the same with SEO in many aspects. As an industry, we know the main things that work, but everything else is sort of trial and error… So no-one is ever 100% sure what will lead to massive success. You just keep playing around and trying new ideas until finally, one day, it just works and you are sitting there thinking “ok, what do I actually do that worked”. The problem is, you’ve tried so many things that you can’t work out which specific one actually gave the success. Haha.

  • I hear you! Not Youtube though, my blog. I keep trying to find ways to gain more traffic, monetising and working with brands. It’s hard work. Just need to keep trying different methods and hopefully stumble along something that works

  • Omg you’ve honestly hit the nail of the head completely. I bloody hate how wishy-washy and vague these self help books and life coaches can be. They either don’t want to tell people the secret to success (to protect their own) OR the truth is there isn’t one exact method. I believe it’s the latter.

    I’m with you on the frustration front! It almost implies that we’re lazy and that’s why we haven’t succeeded. What a load of tosh!

  • Sometimes we get lost along the way of getting the success we wanted. We keep on trying but still failing because where not into the “stairs” that we’re supposed to step in. In God’s guidance as well as with family and friends I think we can find the right stairs to walk on to.

  • People only give vague advice for things, because there really is no one rule for everyone. You have to spend time finding what works for you.

  • There is so much information out there, I find it’s best taking the bits that apply to me and take it from there. I’m very willing to put the work in with the hope that it reaps rewards.

    • Not everything will work for everybody, yes. It’s best to use other people’s advice only as a guideline to making your own plan. Thanks for reading!

  • I definitely agree with all of this! I think it’s best to figure out where you want to be then write down what you have to do to get there then work at that!

  • I’ve experienced the vague help from a few sources. Been to classes that bored me, read books that I gave up with after the first chapter. Vague help can be almost the opposite of helpful, if you bore of it, you lose interest. I do tend to look at a target, and break it up so I don’t get overwhelmed. I’m guessing that is my staircase.

  • This is great advice! Success is definitely a mix of hard work, knowing what work to do and luck as well I think.

  • thats the game ..and thats why its so difficult cos i don’t think there is a blueprint because everyone is different
    figuring it ourselves despite being a simple phrase really is the only way in my opinion

  • I love this post. It is true, some people give vague, unsolicited advice. I have always done one thing when I set goals for myself. I just follow my gut. There is not perfect way, or perfect guidebook to achieve success. As the saying goes, “Not everything that works for Pedro will work for Jose.”

  • I completely agree that ultimately it should be about YOUR personal success and the steps to achieve it should be as unique as you and your goal.

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