Making It Easier To Persist

We all know that persistence is the key to success in any goal. But sometimes it gets difficult to keep doing the things that we know will take us where we want. It gets difficult to persist.

So how can we learn to fight the villains that keep us from pressing forward?


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Before you begin chasing any goal, make sure you have a good reason for starting the battle in the first place. Make sure you know what lies at stake and why you must reach the end of your journey.

The best reasons for chasing any goal are those that involve more than just your own desires and wants, the ones that show you the goal is bigger than you. It becomes easier to keep working on your goals when you know that you’re doing it for your family, your company, your community or any other bigger circle that you belong to. So know your why and keep your eye on your why.

Then, make sure you bite only what you can chew. Whatever goal you choose to chase, remember that it’s not about what you can do today, it’s about what you can keep doing until you reach your goal. You need to work hard, but make sure the work load you give yourself is maintainable. Whether it’s getting in shape, performing better in school, or getting to the top of your career field, it’s wise to not overwhelm yourself completely with work. You might be able to work 20 hours today, but not tomorrow and the days to come. If you push yourself too hard in the beginning, you may get mentally exhausted too quickly and give up too soon into the battle.

Also, remember that those who take breaks are not lazy or foolish. Yes, you need to work hard to reach your goal, but from time to time, allow yourself to rest. Your rest day will be the magnet that pulls you towards the future. It will be the day that you look forward to and the day that motivates you to keep doing what you have to do today. Rest keeps mental exhaustion at bay.

The other big villains that keep us from persisting are the people in our lives. You need to know how to handle criticism properly without letting it sap your motivation. Know that there will be people who don’t see things your way. Some people will not see your goal as important. They might believe that there are better ways for you to be spending your time. So they might criticize you or even throw insults your way. It doesn’t mean that they are bad people. And it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong in chasing your goal either. Don’t let their criticism make you stop.

Accept that people will have different perspectives. Remember the reason why you stepped on the battlefield in the first place. Remember why you started your journey and let that help you fight the negative criticism. And if it happens that people give you constructive criticism, don’t be too proud to accept your mistakes.┬áIf there is a better way for you to be chasing your goals, be strong enough to change positively according to the criticism.

And as always, cheers to life!

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