They May See Things Differently

So you donate to charity every month. You’re a vegan and you always tweet about acceptance and other deep topics like that. Well guess what? There are people who would not consider you a good person for doing that.


It seems that many of us have come to see the world as black and white. We have come to believe that there are specific things that are right and specific things that are wrong. There is the good and there is the bad and there’s nothing in-between. And so when we choose to do what we think is right and noble, we expect others to agree with us and to consider us good human beings for doing that. But we forget that as plentiful as there are pairs of eyes in the world, so are the number of different perspectives with which people see the world. What you consider good behavior may not be what I consider noble and right.


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So even those things you do that you think will make everybody consider you holy human being may seem despicable to other people. To you, being vegan may be a way to boycott animal cruelty, but others may see it as under-appreciation of food, and they may even consider it your way of abusing the privilege you have to choose the food you eat. So it may not be wisest to expect people to see right from wrong as you see it.


In the same way, we should not expect people to understand our behavior; to see it as we do, only as means to a good end. If your child is throwing a tantrum inside a movie theater, you shouldn’t expect the other watchers to understand and to forgive the disturbance of their movie experience. They may have a completely different perspective from you. To you your child may just be acting cute, a perfectly normal behavior, but to them he or she is an utter nuisance and you as the parent or guardian should have known better that to bring your child into the theater. Similarly, if you’re one lap behind everybody in a 5K race, you shouldn’t expect people to understand that you’re just a beginner and that you simply being there warrants their praise. Some of them may see you as just a slacker, one who didn’t work as hard as the others to succeed, one who should be ashamed of even attempting to step onto the tarmac.


It doesn’t mean people are less intelligent or less good of human beings just because they don’t see things your way. Most people in the world are trying to do what they think is right. Most people are trying their best to be good human beings. They just have a different set of eyes and with those, they see the world in a different hue from your own. They see a different kind of gray in our not-so-black-and-white world. Are you willing to love and respect them even with their difference?


And as always, cheers, to life!

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38 thoughts on “They May See Things Differently”

  • Hey there nice to hear from you after some time….these articles knock me towards positivity trust me…and thanks NELU

  • We all have different opinions and thinkings about stuff, we should respect each other and respect our opinions. Great post, thanks for writing it.

  • So true. Judged for this judged for that but it’s okay no two people will ever be the same and that is what makes every one unique. Wouldn’t we all be bored to tears if we saw the same perspective?

  • Hi Nelu! Just wanted to say, I absolutely love this post. I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s so important to listen to perspectives different from our own, even if we don’t agree with them. We can always learn more! On top of that, things aren’t so black and white in life. There’s almost always gray area. Thanks so much for sharing this. Looking forward to more posts from you πŸ™‚

  • Is all a matter of perspective, if the mirror you look is the strangers reaction than a pointed finger will matter! but you see is what you believe in not what others believe about your believes

  • It should be human nature to accepts others and their belief even if we don’t agree with them. Unfortunately, it can be the opposite. I strive to respect people despite our differences….which can be exactly what makes us so unique.

    • To me, that is the best attitude to have. I hope more people adopt that kind of thinking. Thank you for taking the time to read, Jessica!

  • There’s beauty all around to calm the storms in our heads but if we choose to close our eyes, whose fault it is? You are such a positive person. Great to have read your post.

  • I totally agree with you! often people misunderstand me! It is frustrating but taught me to accept their perspective and to accept our differences even more!

  • Everyone is different with different views, doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong… sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and not judge each other in the process, that’s life! great read!

  • Respect comes first… Regardless everything. Of course only if you don’t respect me maybe I won’t with you. But if you do good or something in between and not bad in your life, there’s no reason for me to not thinking that you’re a good person.

  • Great thoughts. I wish there was more of a balance of situations where people wouldn’t judge and people wouldn’t feel judged. But, that people were still responsible for themselves. In the movie theater example. We don’t know the mom’s struggle at the moment. So, we should cut her some slack. But the mom should also realize that just because she’s a struggling mom at the movie theater doesn’t mean she gets a free pass. She needs to take control of the situation even if it means missing out on the movie.

  • We are all different and the same at the same time. It doesn’t mean that when someone is different in opinion doesn’t mean that he/she is right. We need to respect each other because we are unique in our own ways.

  • I’ve learned not to judge people when I became a mom! I remember when I didn’t have kids I would frown upon moms that had kids throwing temper tantrums. But now that I AM a mom and have been through those tantrum experiences, I have a new perspective and understand what other moms are going through. I think what’s important is not to judge others. You never know what they are going through or why they react a certain way unless you have been in their shoes. As for me, I do things that are “right” because I believe they are good and I WANT to do it. What other people think of my actions don’t really concern me because I know my intension is good and I’m comfortable with that : )

  • As the saying goes, “you may be the ripest peach in the world, there will always be one person who do not like peaches.”.You can’t please everyone. But as long asyou do your own thing, without hurting anybody,you’ll be fine.:)

  • Fully agree with you that “it doesn’t mean people are less intelligent or less good of human beings just because they don’t see things your way.” We’re all different and we bring different perspectives to everything we do.

  • So true. I am a vegetarian and went on a humanitarian trip to Africa, where of course people were lucky to have one meal a day, and here am I not eating the minimal amounts of food they have. I just told people I was allergic to meat to try not to be disrespectful. You do have to be careful and conscious of what other will think when you share opinions.

    Have you linked up at #bloggerspotlight yet this week? You should!

  • Difference makes us unique and who we are. It’s sometimes sad that most people don’t think the same way like you do but it’s nice when some people share the same point of view. Yep, respect is essential if you want to live peacefully and harmoniously with others especially now that we live in a very opinionated world. πŸ™‚

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