People Who Hate Their Jobs and Take It Out on You | WYHIO

People Who Hate Their Jobs and Take It Out on You | WYHIO


So you’ve had a very good day, and you decide to make it even better by stopping at the gas station and getting yourself one of them delicious Mars bars. You get to the shop, grab a bar and go over to the cashier, and ask “Excuse me. How much is this?” They mumble something you can’t hear so you ask again, “Excuse me Ma’am, how much is this?” Then out of the blue, “I said go check the price where you found the freaking bar! It’s right there! Are you blind or what?!”


These are the people who hate their jobs and randomly throw their hatorade on you. They treat you like you murdered their first born, but you don’t even know them. If you had a good day before you meet these people, you can be sure your day is going to hit the iceberg and sink to the bottom of the ocean right after. And the worst part is that they creep up everywhere. They can be your boss, your professor, your co-worker, the bus driver, the nurse, or of course, the good old cashiers. Any one of them could decide on any day that you’re going to be their emotional punching bag.


Why do people do this?! Somebody should do a study on this and give us the answer.  But anyway, that’s beside my point. If you’ve been reading these WYHIO articles for any length of time now, you know where I’m going: It’s time to do some self-search.


Have you ever taken out your anger on someone who doesn’t deserve it? It’s easy to do this and not realize it. Sometimes we’re too caught up in our own emotions, we don’t pay attention to how these emotions are affecting our attitude to others.


It’s difficult to do, but if you can, try to practice compartmentalizing your anger. Let your anger be like Netflix where only those who have made accounts there by stepping on you or pulling on your last nerve can see what it contains. Try to practice some self-control so you don’t ruin other people’s days unfairly.


I believe in you. You can conquer you anger! (lol)


As always,


Cheers to life!

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4 thoughts on “People Who Hate Their Jobs and Take It Out on You | WYHIO”

  • Oh I hear you! As someone who has experienced people who definitely hate their job and let it be known, its an awful experience. I try to just ignore it and not let it get the best of me or ruin my day.

  • One reason that many people with good college educations hate their jobs is that they picked a conservative / climb-the-ladder-oriented career when they were young (i.e., right after college) and then they never switched.

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