People Who Always Try to Seem Better Than Everybody | WYHIO

People Who Always Try to Seem Better Than Everybody | WYHIO

So you’re sitting in class, trying to look awake and pretending to take notes. Then the professor starts asking a question, and before he can even finish, Cindy shoots her hand up, ready to answer. And you’re all like, “Alright girl you’re awake today,”  and you let it slide. But then professor asks another question, and again, it’s Cindy with her hand like Lady Liberty. And you’re like, “That’s getting a little annoying but alright now. You do you Cindy.” A few minutes later, when the professor asks yet another question what does Cindy do? Not only does she answer the question, but she also starts explaining to the prof how the book is wrong and it was not Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb but some other dude that no one cares about either.


And you’re all like, “Bruh! Calm your panties! You aren’t impressing anybody. We’re all just hating you right now.”


We all get kind of annoyed when someone is trying too hard to look like they’re better than everybody else. But let me ask you this: Was there ever a time when you were maybe sitting with your friends, chatting around about stuff, and Martha started talking about how she wakes up early every day to work out? At that moment, did you maybe feel the need to cut  her off and explain how you actually work out twice every day and make it a point to only eat vegan food? And if that never happened, was there ever a time when you felt the need to show someone just how great you were as a person or maybe even how much better than them you were?


We all want to be loved and accepted, and sometimes we think for that to happen, we need to show people how much better than them we are. That’s the only way they can adore us, right?


Well, guess what? If it annoys you when other people do that, then it probably annoys other people too when you do that. You’re not impressing them and in fact you’re probably just making them secretly hate you.


It might be a good idea to check yourself every once in a while, when you’re dealing with others. Just make sure you aren’t trying too hard to brag.


As always, cheers to life!


Cheers to life!

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