You Could Be Pushing Someone Off A Bridge

You Could Be Pushing Someone Off A Bridge

If you find someone standing on a bridge, thinking of jumping off, you don’t want to be that dude that actually goes and pushes them off right? You’ve got to be a special kind of jerk to do that, right?


Who’s to say you don’t do that every time you choose to be unnecessarily rude to people?


The cashier at your local grocery store could be going through a divorce. She could have just found out that she has a rare and incurable disease. She could have lost her mother or her child. She could be thinking of giving up on life completely. And if you go up to her, and roll your eyes at her for taking too long to scan your bag of potato chips, that could be the last straw on her back. You could be the one giving her that final push over the bridge. You could be the one finally convincing her that she’s¬†worthless,¬†that the world is a horrible place, and that she’s better off giving up on her life completely.


The same thing could be happening if you choose to be the one that leaves a mean comment on someone’s Instagram photo, to ignore messages from “annoying weirdo” on your phone (even though you know she will see you’ve read the messages), or to say “Ew!” to that innocent guy was not even hitting on you but just trying to start a normal conversation. You could be the one that pushes someone into an eating disorder. You could be the one that makes a man relapse into his drug addiction. You could be the one that makes a man decide to become a monk and never talk to a girl again.


We can never know what people are going through. You might think it’s just a two-second interaction with someone, but it could be the two seconds that destroys someone’s life. You momentary interaction with someone could be the thing that pushes them off that bridge. Keep that in mind the next time you stand in front of a cashier or scroll through Instagram. Choose to be someone’s ray of hope instead their last straw.


And as always,


Cheers to life!


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