Is Saying “Don’t Be Racist” The Way To End Racism?

Is Saying “Don’t Be Racist” The Way To End Racism?

You hear it everywhere these days, sometimes even in the most random situations, “Don’t be racist.” So, you’re buying white chocolate instead of dark chocolate? “Yo, don’t be so racist. Get the dark chocolate too.” You put milk in your coffee because you just don’t like black coffee? “Stop being such a racist. Black coffee is good too!” You would think some people are confusing the race card with their ID card, the way they pull out everywhere.


Personally, I hate racism. I think our world is way too advanced, and the human race is far too intelligent to have such constructs still existing. I think if you’re someone who honestly believes that one race is superior to another, then you’re delusional. There’s no difference between you and those 40-year-olds who still believe in Santa Claus.


But once, someone argued, “Well you can’t tell me,” him being the supreme example of an exquisite human being, a white male, “that those aboriginals in Australia or those pygmies in Congo are equal to me.”


That’s interesting.


If you tell such a person, “Don’t be racist,” will they automatically stop being racist? Obviously, they have a deep-set belief in racism. They have a long list of reasons and arguments to prove their belief that one race is superior to another. They will keep you busy for hours showing you all the examples of why racism is warranted.


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They will tell you how black people are shown to have lower IQ. They will give you a list of statistics that show people of color are more violent and more likely to end up in prison. They will tell you all about the Hispanic drug dealers and the Asian illegal immigrants. They will bring historical examples of how only countries with people of color were colonized. They will tell you how that was because, “the white people were smarter, obviously, while all those Africans and Indians and Latinas didn’t even have enough brains in them to prevent their countries from being invaded.” And as a cherry on the cake, they will narrate to you all their experiences of how vulgar and uncultured people of color can be. Something like, “Have you see those West Africans in their overcrowded taxis and filthy markets? And you want to tell me I’m equal to them?”


Isn’t it rather absurd and ridiculous to expect a person who has beliefs as strong as these to be cured with a simple, “Don’t be racist”?


Sure, that can make them avoid saying the N-word or throwing out other racial slurs, and maybe you can get them to not make jokes about black fathers being absent, but deep in the recesses of their hearts, they will still be racist. They will still believe that one race is superior to the other. They will still believe that this superior race should reign over the others in all the countries of the world. They will still vote for Trump.


And, like I said about good people, these could be the same people who “give to charity,” and “go to church every Sunday,” and are “vegan.” They would just rather fight for the rights of Harambe than the rights of their fellow human beings. So even Harambe is superior to people of color it seems. That’s how deep-set their beliefs are.


I’m not a philosopher. I’m not a social psychologist or a sociologist. I don’t know exactly what will end all racism. But I assume it’s something a little more than, “Don’t be racist”? A little more than just words? Maybe show and don’t tell?


Is there a way you can show people that racism is wrong? That’s going to be difficult to do in a world that is designed to keep people of color at the bottom of the social hierarchy. If something is not at the top of the ladder, how do you show that it can be there?


I mean, if you’re constantly throwing mud at someone, like you straight up have several mud guns that you’re constantly pelting the person with, how do you expect anyone to show that that person can be clean? If you start protesting about “reverse racism” every time anyone even remotely tries to bring people of color one inch up, how in the world do you expect to not see them under you on that ladder. If you start talking about how you’re being “tyrannized by the minority” the moment one black president is elected after hundreds of years, then…


I don’t know, man. I wish I knew the answer. I wish we all knew the answer. But I don’t know what will change things. All I can say is that if you’re a person of color anywhere in the world, show how great you can become. Show how you can conquer life and change the world. Don’t waste your energy telling people to not be racist.

Much love.


And as always,


Cheers to life!


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