Sit Behind a Hall at Midnight

Sit Behind a Hall at Midnight

A few weeks ago, my computer suddenly shut down on me. No warning, no prep. Just out of the blue, it was black. And of course I was devastated. At the time, I had tons of assignments to do, and would you guess where they had to be done? On a computer!


Before I could pull all the hair out of my head and scream until all the windows were broken, I decided to take the computer to my college’s tech department.


“Just use the school’s library computers for a few days while the tech wizards work their magic on your little Asus,” I told myself. They kept it for a good three days.


Then, “You can come get your computer back,” they said. “We fixed it,” they said.


But apparently, these wizards cheated their way through magic school. A few minutes after I got my computer back, it froze again. Yes, it froze again even though I told them that was the problem I had with the computer before it shut down. “We fixed it,” they said. “You can come get it back,” they said.


At that moment, I had a whole list of backed up assignments still to finish. And just as luck would have it, one of those assignments was a French recording assignment where I had to answer some questions in French and record them onto a website. Guess what? I couldn’t do that at a library without making everybody there turn their heads to me and hiss like cobras. I had already asked my professor for an extension on the assignment, and he had kindly given me a couple more days. Those were the days my computer spent with the whack – I’m sorry – tech department. I had to finish the assignment before midnight that day or get a zero for the whole thing.


So it gets to around 11:30 at night. The library is about to close and that assignment is still not done. I decide to try my luck on my own computer and get it recorded back in my dorm room. I get back to my dorm and I find my roommate sleeping there. She would also cobra her head at me if I started talking all over the place…


I’m fighter. So you know what I decided? To go outside and find someplace quiet, and get the thing done one way or the other. Behind Creighton Hall, my school’s admin building, I folded my legs, kissed my behind onto the concrete, and switched on my computer to start the good old French devoir.


Is there ever rest for the weary? No. So of course, my computer would not cooperate and only kept on freezing when I tried to record my answers. I’ve got stamina. So I pulled my phone out, recorded the assignment on my phone and emailed it to my professor. Phew!


Whenever you’re running out of breath, remember, you’ve got stamina. Do what Sia tells you to do: fight on.
As always, cheers to life!

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