The Freedom We All Have

We all have a mental world that we share with no one. We can’t read each other’s thoughts. So that means we are free to lead our thoughts in any direction, to imagine, to draw our own conclusions about things. But how many of us take advantage of this freedom?

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There are so many different opinions in the world and even more facts to back those opinions. And then there are so many different circumstances that can form part of our realities.

The different beliefs, values and ideas on Earth are plenty. People all over the world are arguing, and fighting, and dying in order to make others see the world as they do. It’s like the whole world is a huge tug of war game with a spidery rope that everybody is trying to pull in a different direction. And if you don’t learn to harness your freedom, you can become the rope in this tug of war.

These days we look to the world for answers about our faith, our values and our lives in general. Because there is so much information all around us, we think the world is all-knowing. But what we seem to forget is that people always twist facts to suit their own opinions.

A non-vegan can produce astounding evidence to prove that veganism is the wrong way to live, and a vegan can do the opposite. And what happens when we look to such a divided world for answers? We become one with the rope in this tug of war, being pulled in different directions the whole time. One moment we’re made to believe one thing, and in the next moment someone comes along to pull us to the opposite belief.

If you want to have nothing to do with this senseless tug of war, then maybe you should start taking advantage of your freedom: When you have questions about your beliefs, your values or your lifestyle, start looking for the answers within.

Use the information in the world to gain perspective, but ultimately, let the conclusions come from your own conscience. The facts and figures in the world should be like the glasses that make you see the world in different ways, but you should make the conclusion about how your world really looks like. What you believe, what you value and how you choose to lead your life should be what makes you feel at peace with your conscience.

And if we’re not in the tug of war, we can be trapped by our circumstances. Life is always changing. Our circumstances are always changing. You can know the joy of birth, the grief of death, the disappointment of betrayal, and the comfort of friendship all in one life time. One moment you can have all the ingredients to a happy life, and in the next moment, you can find yourself completely empty. And if we’re not careful, we can let our circumstances dictate how we feel, how we think, and how we see the world. When times are rough, we can allow ourselves to fall into depression and hopelessness. And when times are good, we can succumb to blinding happiness.

You don’t always have to feel and think as your circumstances prescribe. In bad times, you can choose to celebrate the memory of your better past, or the image of your even brighter future. You can choose to keep you eyes on the light at the end. And when times are brilliant and you’re successful, you can choose to keep your eyes open for those things that can steal your happiness.

And as always, cheers to life!

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