They Are Human Too

They Are Human Too

She has people who adore her all over the world. She has millions of fans who see no difference between her and God. She has over 16 million dollars in her name. She is Lilly Singh, one of the most influential people of our generation. Will you believe me when I tell you she cries herself to sleep sometimes? That she feels no one cares about her? That she feels lonely?


When you think of people like BeyoncΓ©, Barack Obama, or His Holiness Pope Francis, do you ever think that they could have insecurities too? When you think of PhD-holding scientists, CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, or billionaire investors, does it ever strike you that they also want to be loved and accepted just like you do? When you think of your high school teachers, your bosses, your managers, your supervisors, do you ever think that they’re people too who might be hurt by the things you say when you’re gossiping with your friends or laughing around with your colleagues?


A lot of times, we think that money or fame or authority are magic potions that turn people into superhuman beings who don’t have hearts and emotions like we do. That’s why we think it’s alright to sit behind our computers and our phones and send hateful tweets to celebrities we don’t like. Why they’re rich and famous! Our words won’t bother them, right? She’s the famous Kim Kardashian, of course. Why on earth would she be hurt if you call her a slut, or a washout, or a talentless celebrity who’s “just famous for being famous”?


In the same way, we think it’s alright to gossip about our teachers in the hallways, or to talk about how our bosses are idiots in the breakroom. Why, these people have titles and badges, and a whole lot of authority. They are the adults and the top-dogs. They won’t be bothered by us talking about how they need to join the gym or hire new stylists. Right?


Here is the truth: No matter how rich, or famous, or powerful a person becomes, they will still have a body of flesh and bone, and a heart that can be hurt by your words. No matter how high up the ladder a person goes, they remain human. They are still people. If you call them ugly, or stupid, or losers, they will be hurt.


obama, celebrities are human too


You shouldn’t assume that people become immune to your hurtful words or actions just because they live in LA and have a couple of extra coins in the bank. Before you decide to send them any hate or to assume it’s okay for them to be treated unfairly, just put yourself in their shoes. Think of how you yourself would feel if you were in their position and such negativity was being sent your way. Even at this moment right now while you don’t have the money and the fame, try to make their situation yours, their life your own, and think honestly and truly of how you would be affected by certain events.


No matter what stage of life we’re at, or what rung we reach on the ladder of success, we all have this in common: We all want to be happy. We all want to be loved. And we all want to be accepted by the people around us. Money, fame, and authority don’t magically erase these basic needs. Keep that in mind, please?


And as always,


Cheers to life!

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66 thoughts on “They Are Human Too”

  • Great article! Another perspective to think of too is that the grass is always greener and in someone’s opinion you are better off than they are right now. It’s important to always put yourself in another person’s shoes before you talk about them. Most people who are “famous” worked hard to get there and you could be one of them some day!
    Elizabeth |

    • I like that. We should realize that we could be them. We could be on the receiving end of such hate. Thanks for reading!

  • Happiness is everyone’s ultimate goal in life, I think. Being truly successful is about finding your inner peace and happiness without troubling anybody.

  • This rings very true. Everyone has opinions, but those opinions unless requested might be better kept to oneself. Too often, we let jealousy and self-disdain take control. And the actions that follow, lead us to a dark corner we should never have entered. Thank you for this reminder.

    • Yeah, social media makes people think they have the right to hurt others for some reason. Thanks for reading!

  • Oh my god !I really hate it when I see so many Instagram and twitter accounts targeting specific celebrities for abuse.I am actually considering working on a book with the same theme but I don’t seem to have my creativity functioning

    • Do it please! I want such a book to be a best seller. Honestly, it’s something that should be general knowledge by now. Just because someone has a certain amount of influence, doesn’t mean they deserve hate.

    • She’s sort of a pseudo-celebrity so I don’t blame you for not knowing her lol πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by, Corinne!

  • You are so right. Words hurt everyone. No matter who you are. Celebrities are no different. Elvis was another example of how it affects you. He was one of the first major entertainers to experience this. I actually know people that were in his inner circle and they always express how he was one of the loneliest people and became super depressed. People build you up to put you down.

    • My goodness! I didn’t know that’s what happened to him. It’s a shame. He was one of the greatest artists that ever lived. I really hope more people learn that being a celebrity doesn’t mean people lose their right to be human. Thanks for reading, Cheryl.

  • We are all human and we all feel this lonely, scared , alone at times… it’s awful that because someone is famous the world seems to think they couldn’t possibly feel these things ….

  • This is a wonderful post! We have to come together, we are all the same. I have seen the world where we all worked together and we were kind to each other. Somewhere along the way, we came off that path. But I do believe that good people are finding each other again and they’re coming together to create strength in numbers πŸ™‚

    • I agree. The world will be a much better place if we all think about each other more, and are more compassionate.

  • Some of the richest people according to society are the loneliest or least happy. We never know what goes on behind the smiles. Goes for anyone, really.

  • Excellent article, often people think celebrities aren’t human as well. Everyone no matter their standing in life has thoughts, feelings and the ability to hurt. Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks you for this post. It’s a shame that some people need to be reminded of this, but it is essential. I don’t quite understand what people get out of spewing hate and spreading rumors. It seems to be an internal conflict that they need to resolve on their own. Authorotative figures, celebrities, and people in stable financial situations have basic human emtions like the rest of us. People need to stop spreading hate.

    • You’re right, a lot of times people who decided to spread hate are those who have their own internal issues to deal with. It’s not fair to dehumanize people just based on the number of followers they have on Instagram. Thanks for reading, Pam!

  • This was really uplifting! It’s so sad how we can idolize people to a certain point where we don’t look at them as “people” anymore, but it happens! I’m going to start trying to look at everyone more as human instead of their accomplishments, ranks, etc.

  • Humans are still humans, only the labels makes as a little different. We all get tired and need to rest, and well deserve happiness πŸ™‚

  • Could not agree more with what you say. We all stay vulnerable and looking out for kindness wherever we may be and whatever height we achieve. For that matter it applies equally to people who are infamous or in the news for the wrong reasons.

    • Oh yeah, the infamous too. I wasn’t thinking of them when I wrote this, but they deserve to be treated as human too. Just because someone committed a crime, doesn’t mean they lose their right to be just human. Thanks for reading!

  • BTW I adore Lily Singh. I’m glad you wrote this. We often think if we had this or that (pointing to external factors) we’d be happy. But fame and wealth do not ensure happiness. People are still people and they deal with tragedy and stress, just as everyone else does.

    • YES!!! A fellow teamsuper unicorn! Nice to see you around here πŸ™‚ I agree, the grass always seems greener on the other side. We don’t realize that problems are consistent with every type of lifestyle. Thanks for reading, Chava!

  • Half of the time, I like celebrities who can show their human side and not just the glamour. Yes, indeed they are just human just like us, so they get hurt like we do. So, I guess we just have to be careful on our action so we won’t offend anyone.

    • Yeah. We all need to be reminded of that every now and then. I’m glad you could take something from it, Lisa! Thanks for reading.

  • Yes. People think of celebrities having perfect lives without any problems. Some people even hassle them a lot about their private lives, which is not fair. They deserve privacy as they are human too.

  • I agree! It’s best not to say anything if you don’t have any good thing to say, it’s worst to hurt someone!

    Pammy –

  • I agree with this article. A lot of times people forget that famous people have feelings and it is because of this that we should keep our opinions to ourselves. It’s sad that because they are in the public eye that we feel the need to talk bad about them.

  • Totally! What’s scarier than physical bullying is cyber bullying! I hope that I will attain the fame level of those celebrities one day and help spread more positivity!

  • I hate it when people just think they can hide behind the screen and insult and hurt people without any consequences. It sucks because the people in front will be affected too!

    • Yeah, somehow screens turn people into monsters. It’s the anonymity of it all I think. Thanks for reading, Tiffany!

  • It might be extremely difficult, but it`s necessary for us to love one another so we can live in a more peaceful world. It`s not easy, but we can always try.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  • This is so true. We are all created equal. Humans, in all economic status, rich or poor, have heart. Let us always be considerate in every words that came from our mouth. If we don’t have something good to say, let us just shut up our mouth. That will be better.

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