Think For Yourself

“Adele showed the fault in her voice at her Grammy performance this week!”
You see, you’re already beginning to believe that statement. And that’s the problem.


We are always seeing things on television, reading stuff online, and hearing stories from our friends and family members. And a lot of times we tend to accept all this information without asking ourselves whether it’s the truth or the whole truth.


So we hear how the news anchors spit hateful words towards the Muslim people, and we begin to believe all Muslims must have terrorist intentions. Why of course that news anchor is a very smart person who seems to know what he’s talking about. So what he says must be the truth.


And we see those slimming tea commercials with the slender girls and their before and after pictures. Then we rush to the store to buy our own boxes of tea bags, so we can look like those pretty girls.

Cartoon Of Girl Kneeling, Think For Yourself


We seem to blindly accept facts and solutions from the people around us without giving ourselves the chance to think about the truth of the facts or the effectiveness of the solutions. And, unfortunately, in that way we imprison ourselves, we restrict our own freedom.


You see, we may not be able to control the environment we live in, we might not be able to control the people around us, and we might not be able to control the health of our bodies. But the one thing we can control is our thoughts. We can choose what we want to believe, what we want to question, what we want to solve through the creativity of our minds. But since we have fallen in to the habit of being passive and easily believing what we read and hear, we let others control our minds. We let others choose what we believe, accept and think. We don’t let ourselves explore the power of our own minds and the depth of our own creativity.


If there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, why is it only a very small subset of them that are violent? What makes some of them desire peace and harmony while others want to turn the words of the Holy Book to suit their own violent agendas?


How exactly does that slimming tea work? How long do the results last? Why isn’t everybody stocking up on tea boxes if it’s so effective? Are there side effects? Are there health risks?


Hold on to your freedom by allowing yourself to ask these types of questions as you receive the information that the world is throwing at you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when your mechanic, your doctor or your lawyer presents you with solutions to problems. Keep your mind active and stay curious.


You see if you begin to exercise the freedom of your mind, to think for yourself, you might just be able to bless the world with the gifts that your own mind can provide. You might be able to give people different perspectives to things, to come up with fresh solutions to different problems, and to bring new ideas to the world.


Hold on to your freedom. Keep thinking for yourself.


And as always, cheers to life!

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