To Fear Or Not To Fear

Life is risky. There is never a lack of things to be afraid of.

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Fear keeps us safe most of the time. We avoid the things we’re afraid of and these are usually dangerous things. But sometimes fear becomes an obstacle. We’re afraid we’ll fail, we won’t be good enough, we’ll lose the people we love. And so we don’t chase our dreams. We let fear keep us from living our best lives.

So what should we do then? Should we get rid of this fear so we can live boldly and bravely? Proceed with caution if you plan to do that. There would be no light if there was no darkness, no music without silence. Opposites must exist together. So in the same way, there would be no courage if there was no fear. No, keep a place in your heart for fear, it’s important. Those who do what they have to do despite their fear, those who chase their dreams despite fearing failure or inadequacy, are the ones with true courage.

And then also, fear protects us from ourselves.

It’s not uncommon to hear of successful people who have become blinded by success. Many of them, once they get to the top, begin to look down on people less successful. They mistreat those weaker than them, and some of them show no respect for the law. These are the people who have conquered their fear of failure and of being rejected by others.

It’s not always attractive to be fearless. Those who keep a place in their hearts for fear are the ones that remain humble despite their success. They stay respectful to others and they keep working hard.

Maybe, if the fear we have is an obstacle, it’s better if we learn how to manage it. Perhaps it’s better if we learn how to do what we have to do, afraid.

Learn to trust yourself. Trust that you’re strong enough to fight what you’re afraid of if you ever have to face it. Decide that you will put up a good fight no matter what happens. Those who survived tragedies before you were not stronger than you. They only decided to fight bravely.

Life is an adventure. It’s all about exploring ourselves and the world around us. But if we let fear stop us from exploring fully and living our best lives, we miss the beauty.

And as always, cheers to life!

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