What You Hate In Others

What You Hate In Others

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered, “Oh my goodness how is she allowed to do that and still be called a human being along with the rest of us!” We all have things other people do that we hate like the sun hates water.


Maybe you hate it when people spit in front of you; maybe you hate it when people stick gum on the window sill. Or maybe what actually pulls on your last nerve is when people can’t stop talking about cars. And you know, as decent people, most of the time we can’t tell people to their faces that we hate what they’re doing.


But you know what often don’t think about? That maybe there are things that we do that other people hate. So do you like to slurp your coffee very loudly? Do you maybe get too excited when the topic of shoes come up that you spend two hours talking about what you love about the new Louis Vuitton line? Maybe you friends hate that. Maybe your husband wishes the earth could swallow him when you start talking about shoes. And he’s just too nice to tell you.


So just like there are things that other people do that annoy the heaven right out of us, there could be things we do that make other people feel the same. And if we want them to not secretly despise us, we’ve got to figure out a way to find out what these things are, and how to change them.


Luckily, for most things, we can use the people around us as a mirror. When we find something that we hate in others, often there will be something similar that we ourselves do that makes others want to poke our eyes out with a sushi stick. So you hate it when people sneeze into their hands then go ahead and touch the remote? Maybe they also hate it when you lick your fingers and dip your hands back in the bag of chips.


When you find something that you hate in others, find something similar in yourself, then highlight and delete that ish.


Now, we’re gonna do something fun(Yay!). For the next couple of articles, we’re going to try and look at some common things people do that we secretly despise. Then we’re going to try and see if we can find these things in ourselves and delete them. What’s that you said? Sounds like fun? I thought so too. What out for WYHIO in the title. Stay tuned.


As always,

Cheers to life!

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