When Hard Work Doesn’t Work

Hard work leads to success most of the time. But sometimes you find yourself staring at failure even after sweating day upon day to achieve your dreams.


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There are people who spend their lives exercising for hours everyday and subjecting themselves to very strict diets. They work hard to stay healthy, to avoid diseases. Yet they end up dying for the very diseases they worked hard to avoid. And there are those who work hard to earn the money that should guarantee them happiness and success. But they do not become immune to bankruptcy and depression.


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It seems that we misunderstand something about hard work. It does not guarantee success and happiness. And there are times when your hard work is actually the cause of your failure.
Sometimes we get lost in the tangles of hard work, we forget to check whether we’re doing the right hard work. We keep sweating and struggling to move forward, but we’re going in the wrong direction, getting further and further away from what we really want. You may just want to be happy. But working to gain money or popularity may be the wrong direction. And it’s always depressing to reach the end of your journey only to find yourself staring at something completely different from what you wanted.


So how do you avoid pointless hard work?


First, know that no goal on the planet is worth you sacrificing your happiness today. In other words, saying that you’ll be happy when this or that happens is perhaps not the best way to spend your life. You should never let yourself live through miserable weeks, months or years thinking that at the end of your hard work, you will finally be happy. If you let a void of sadness build up in you, that emptiness may not be filled once you reach your goal. There is no goal that would guarantee you eternal happiness, whether it’s getting an international award or eliminating world hunger. The happiness you will feel will be temporary and it will wear away. So whatever you choose to work hard for, make sure you find happiness within your hard work. Make sure that it’s something that you can enjoy as you try to achieve it. Make sure you can find joy in your journey towards the goal.


And it’s always a good idea to allow yourself time to rest every now and then.


A break will be an opportunity for you to make sure you’re going in the right direction, to see if your work getting you the results you want. That way you can change your approach before you waste too much time on the wrong work.


Keep your eyes on the bigger picture of your life. What legacy do you want to leave behind? Is your hard work keeping you from doing what you really want to do with your life? Then maybe you should do something else with your time.


Just remember, no matter how hard you work, you should never feel entitled to success. If you do succeed, know with gratitude that luck was on your side. And it’s not right to look down on those who did not succeed, and to say they deserve what they got because they did not work as hard as you did.


And as always, cheers to life!

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