Why Is Integrity So Important?

 Why should you care whether what you do in secret is in line with what you do in front of others? Why is it important to maintain integrity? I mean we should have some freedom to do what we want when no one is watching…


You know that you should be the master of your life. You should have your own standards, values, rules, dreams and goals, and you should aim to live up to them. When you choose to do something, it should be because you believe that it is the right thing to do and you feel at peace with your conscience doing it. That way, you will be the one living your life.


So when you don’t practice integrity, doesn’t that mean that you are not actually the master of your life? That you are controlled by people’s opinions of you and you don’t really believe in the right acts you do in front of others? That you just want people to think well of you?


“I know this is not right but I’ll do it anyway because no one is watching.” Those are the types of things that should be a red flag for you. When you find yourself doing something you know is wrong just because there’re no eyes to judge you, you should wonder who is steering the wheel of your life.

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And on that note, why should we all be driven by an inner force to do the right thing and to live according to our values? Why should we be the masters of our lives? Why should we be self-controlled? Because it’s that kind of self-control that is going to help you live a successful and meaningful life. The discipline that you’re willing to practice over yourself will help you be to be resilient, to be persistent, to avoid falling into bad habits, and to fulfill your goals and dreams.


Remember that everything is connected. And self-control is like a muscle because it gets stronger the more you use it. So the integrity that you put to work with the small things –the grocery items that you put back on the right shelf, that candy wrapper that you throw into the garbage can instead of the floor– will show up once you have to face bigger challenges in your life. When you sit alone in your office, and you continue to diligently do your work instead of trailing off onto social media, it will be that same well practiced integrity at play.


And as always, cheers to life!

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