Creating a chatbot: what are the best creation platforms?

Today, the automation of discussions between customers and services is possible thanks to the chatbot. So, when you have a website or even professional accounts on certain networks, you can associate a chatbot with them. This promotes good customer management and sales if possible. To facilitate the creation of chatbots, several platforms have been created. Thanks to this article, you will know the best sites to create them.


First of all, you should know that it is also possible to create chatbots by coding, but it is more complex. If you browse around this website, you will find effective ways to do this. However, you have the option of using Chatfuel. This is one of the most popular chatbot design platforms for the big social network like Facebook Messenger. Chatfuel has a free trial version with several basic features and is limited to only 50 users. Its paid version is $15 per month with more advanced features for chatbot creation and unlimited users. To create a chatbot for your business page with Chatfuel, you don't need much technical experience.

Botnation allows you to create a chatbot on several social networks such as: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, the WordPress CMS or a website. Accessible and ergonomic, it offers some free tutorials and templates to design your chatbot. It is also possible to be supervised in the creation of a chatbot by the Botnation studio in order to have a well structured bot. The platform also offers training to become a real chatbot pro. Its price starts at €29 per month for 1,000 users.


HubSpot allows you to create chatbots for websites and Facebook Messenger pages. It also allows you to automate appointment setting, lead qualification or analysis of technical questions from customers. HubSpot offers chatbot templates and a visual editor to adapt the conversation and brand identity.  So, to use it, you don't need to know how to program or have specific skills. In addition to this, the messages sent by the bots are based on the information that the company already had on the contact.