How are the best time lapses made ?

A time lapse is a series of photographs taken at different intervals to create a movie. Photography is an art form, and many photographers specialize in creating time lapses. The photographs are taken at different times to create a slow progression of events. Many people use time lapse photography for documentaries, commercials, broadcast and media presentations, software development and manufacturing processes, education and recreation. It's an extremely versatile form of photography, since it can be used in many different fields.

It's all about takes versus time

First, the speed at which a time lapse photograph is taken affects the final output. A guide is provided to you by our important source. For example, if a football game is filmed from start to finish at one-thousandth of a second, the resulting film would be twenty minutes long. However, if the same game was only filmed at ten-thousandth of a second, the resulting film would be only two seconds long. Choosing the right interval between shots is crucial when creating a time lapse movie. It's also possible to create a time lapse with only a camera. 

A timer or cell phone app can work in place of an external camera. Then, these tools can be placed in various locations to capture the progression of time over various periods of time. Later, the captured footage can be slowed down and edited to create a captivating film that reveals events over time.

Know how to play on the movements to improve the result

Subjects that change over time are especially intriguing to see in motion. A time lapse highlights changes and reveals hidden depths within objects and subjects. For example: a building that appears tall from afar will appear much taller once movement is added to the footage. Or how bushes on either side of an object will eventually grow tall enough to obscure part of that object entirely.

Movement adds layers of depth and complexity to what we see every day; photographers use this effect to reveal aspects of their subjects that are otherwise hidden throughout their journeys through life.