Learning to read the scores of a handpan: what for?

To play the handpan, it is not really necessary to master technical notions of music. But, for a person who wants to play this instrument professionally like an instrumentalist, reading handpan scores is essential. This need is motivated by the fact that you will be able to better control your instrument and thus avoid common errors. Check out some of the benefits of learning to read handpan sheet music.

For error reduction when playing a handpan score

On the net, there are many scores of handpan for sale, from the simplest to the most complex. These can rarely be remembered by a musician, regardless of their level of expertise. To play these melodies, you will then have to position yourself in front of scores to be deciphered fairly quickly and efficiently. However, the essential techniques for this can only be acquired by learning to read the scores. Without it, the chances of having blanks in public and getting the wrong grade are quite high. It is even possible to forget entire pieces of the song. Deciphering handpan scores will therefore lift your limit of melodies to play. It is in a way your safety net as an instrumentalist.

For a more perfect control of your handpan

Before playing a musical instrument, it is essential to master it in every detail. And, buying a handpan or playing it without a guide is not enough to reach this level. The more experience you have in reading a score of this instrument, the more you have the possibility of playing it without looking at it. Clearly, mastering the scores allows you to know at your fingertips the precise location of each note.

To easily play many songs

The other major benefit of learning to read handpan sheet music is the ability to easily play all your favorite tunes. It is enough to understand the techniques of reading said scores to be able to play all the melodies that you find online. You don't need to know the song beforehand.