Second-hand gadgets: which websites sell them online?

The acquisition of new models of electronic or non-electronic devices leads you to resell the ones you have recently acquired in order to avoid clutter around you. So, there are several online sites that offer to buy back your second-hand gadgets. Let's discover the platforms that allow you to better resell your second-hand gadgets in order to make a few extra euros.

Le Bon Coin

It is necessary to choose a popular platform and create a relevant resale ad so that your product is quickly bought back. It is therefore necessary to take into account the general or specific aspect of the platform depending on the product to be resold. There are several sites in the field of online commerce such as which are recognised for their reliability in selling second-hand items. Indeed, Le Bon Coin represents a classifieds platform that has been very successful in recent years in selling second-hand products. The site gives you access to the various statistics concerning your ad (number of views and contacts). Sales can be made between private individuals and in the departments in your region of residence. It is also important, for good visibility, to put several photos of your product from different angles and to detail its features and general condition.


This is a French service that offers not only the purchase of refurbished products, but also a professional expertise of the gadget you want to sell. For the sale of your item, you need to specify the different characteristics such as: the brand of the product the type of product the model functionality; and general condition; storage capacity, etc. Once you have provided the various characteristics, the platform estimates the price of the product and you can send the item at no additional cost.