Top 4 Contemporary Ciders

Contemporary ciders are becoming increasingly popular. They are very popular with cider lovers and alcoholic drinkers alike. There is something for everyone. Here is our selection of the top four contemporary ciders to check out. 

Raw Cider

Raw cider is an unfiltered cider that retains all the natural flavors and aromas of the apple. It is generally not very sweet and has a fresh and acidic taste. It is ideal to accompany meat or cheese dishes. For example, you can make a gin cider cocktail for your colleagues.

Sweet cider

Sweet cider is made from sweet apples on the one hand, or from mixtures of sweet and sour apples on the other hand. It is a cider that contains more sugar than raw cider. It contains a low alcohol content. It is estimated at 4%. It is generally less acidic, with a fruitier taste. Sweet cider is perfect for accompanying desserts or for people who prefer sweeter drinks. Some sweet ciders are also carbonated to add extra bubbles.

Flavored Cider

Flavored ciders are ciders that have been infused with fruit, herbs, spices or other ingredients to provide a unique taste. For example, a cider infused with raspberries results in a cider with raspberry flavors, while a cider infused with lavender results in a cider with lavender flavors. These ciders are often used to accompany specific dishes or desserts. They are also used for special occasions. 

Effervescent Cider

Effervescent cider is cider that has been carbonated to give a bubbly mouth feel. It is generally lighter and more refreshing than other ciders. It's perfect for accompanying light dishes or for summer evenings.

Whether you prefer something fresh and tart, sweet and fruity, or refreshing and effervescent, there is a contemporary cider to suit your tastes. It is recommended that you try them out to find out which one you like best.