What are the challenges and risks of Big Data?

You've heard about Big Data without knowing much about it. Now is the time to learn more about this social media technology tool. What is Big Data? What are its advantages? Doesn't it have its drawbacks? Read the content of this article to get a clear, precise and concise answer to these different questions.

A Big Data: what is it?

The term data is not new. It is a word that has been used for years. It is general in the computer field. All digital technology is based on this theme. To have access to the internet, data is activated. It is all this data that constitutes data. Indeed, Big Data is the term used to describe the ceiling in the volume of data produced by the internet tool. In almost every sector you will see this theme. It is involved in marketing, customer-company relations, transport, health, science, education and many others. Impulse Analytics is the best advisor on digital acquisition. Given the importance and rapid evolution of Big Data, it is urgent to understand its challenges and risks. It is on the basis of how it works that you will be able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Big Data.

Understanding the issues and risks of Big Data

In the past, it was simply referred to as Data. But today, it is Big Data that has taken the field. For a proper understanding, it is urgent to understand what emerges from the five Vs of Big Data technology. These include Volume, Speed, Variety, Veracity and Values. - Volume: Big Data is the sheer volume and ceiling of data - Speed: speed in processing data is a strength of Big Data - Variety: data exists in many forms. This variety observed in Big Data allows for images, videos of lower, standard and higher quality. - Veracity: a problem of data veracity arises in Big Data. - Values: another disadvantage is the problem of what added value Big Data provides.

The advantages and disadvantages of Big Data

 Looking at the issues and risks of Big Data, you already have an idea of the pros and cons of Big Data. However, in summary, you have as advantages of Big Data: - A perfect optimization of the offer - Anticipation of needs and demands - Perfect optimisation of your logistics and its organisation When it comes to the disadvantages, you have - The phenomenon of digital espionage - The lack of respect for privacy - Non-security of data storage