Which pet to adopt?

Repetitive and long term confinement is really challenging for the mental and emotional balance. Have you thought about adopting a pet? Dogs or cats make us feel less lonely and are an excellent way to avoid passivity. However, it is better to know what pet you want and what to expect when you adopt it.


They are very sweet and endearing felines. Cats are generally cleaner pets, they will only relieve themselves in the litter box if they are taught to do so at an early age, or outdoors. If this is your first time with pets, you may prefer low maintenance cat breeds like British shorthair, Scottish fold or russian blue. Cat care is relatively simple, you'll just have to feed them, play with them and check their vaccinations, if they are still babies at the moment you adopt them. A cat tree or a board will keep them busy and allow them to exercise their claws somewhere else than on your furniture. They need to eat consistently and drink water regularly. The price for adopting cats ranges from $100 to $200 when they are younger, and lowers when they get old.


You may feel at ease if you own a dog because they are naturally hunters by instinct. Dogs will warn you as soon as there is something unusual going on. People prefer having dogs because they usually have an imposing and threatening stature which can repel thieves. However, if you're just looking for a cute and short company, races like Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Pug, Poodle, etc are perfect for you. However, you will need to allow a lot more time to walk and play with your dog, so that he gets used to you and keeps a good mood. Plus, always remember that dogs need to eat a lot to stay healthy. The cost varies from one breed to another.