Why secure your site?

Security is important for anyone who browses the web. So when you have a website, you need to secure it for your visitors. Discover in this article the reasons why you should secure your website.

Avoid the risk of losing traffic

Having an unsecured website exposes you to several risks, including the risk of loss of audience. Indeed, when an Internet user goes to an unsecured site, this is directly signalled by the browser with a mention "unsecured connection". Internet users who are concerned about their security will not stay on your site, they will leave. ANTI-DDOS SERVICE allows you to secure your site and avoid a loss of audience.

For the Internet users who have an antivirus that protects them during the navigation, they will not have access to the site. The antivirus will block the connection, which means fewer visitors. There are three main reasons why you should secure your website. The first is to protect the data that is shuttled between your site and the visitor's device. Then, the second reason is to build the visitor's trust in your website. The third reason is that securing a site helps to slightly improve the ranking of your site on search engines.

How to secure your website

Several cases exist when you want to secure a website. The first one is that you do not have a website yet and that you plan to create one. In this case, the security is put in place during the installation of your site at the host. The security of the site is done by the SSL certificate.

In the second case, you have a website, but it is not secure. When securing an existing site, there is a risk of losing natural referencing for a certain period of time when you do not respect the essential points. When the site is not yet secured, it is indexed by Google in the htpp category. However, when it is secured, it is indexed as https. It would be better to entrust the implementation of the security of your site to professionals.