Why To Choose CNG Vehicles?

In order to stay in the ecological dynamics to reduce pollution, CNG vehicles have been put on the market. Unlike LPG, which is a direct petroleum derivative, CNG is a purely natural product that is pressurized. Here are more detailed reasons to switch to CNG.

Economic Reasons

CNG is considerably profitable for those who use it to refuel their engines. It generates almost 30% reserves on fuel. So, with a CNG car, you do not need to spend all your money buying fuel at any time. It can also be profitable especially in the case you do not get enough money to buy fuel.

Another reason is that CNG’s price is stable and less fluctuating than petroleum-based products. What’s more, since the cost of purchasing a CNG truck is higher than diesel truck, the return on investment is usually obtained after an approximative period of three or four years.

Environmental Reasons

CNG engines are also acknowledged for their environmental benefits. They emit 25% less greenhouse gases than diesel-powered engines. CNG almost completely reduces the fine particle emissions that affect air quality and therefore, human health. In addition, CNG vehicles emit a very little nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other air pollutants which are responsible for smog. CNG is lighter than air and rapidly dissipates. So, there is no reason for it to pollute the ground. Also, it is neither toxic or corrosive, and when it comes in contact with water, it does not mix or contaminate it.

An alternative to CNG vehicles is electric vehicles. This type of vehicle does not produce any pollutants when used. The only drawback is the manufacturing of the electric car and the origin of the electricity it consumes which are clearly not 100% harmless to the environment. Electric vehicles are more expensive than CNG vehicles. However, their recharging is not a problem, while CNG vehicles have dedicated and not very extensive stations.